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Enrol is Accredited Online Universities for College Degrees

After we are done with school, many of us do not attend college for a degree but instead, start working. Usually students who need to work to support a living or have responsibilities do this. Also, many students who live in countries that do not support higher education because of a flawed educational infrastructure resort to employment soon after they pass out of college. Students do not give much importance to education when they start working, as they enjoy earning money, but later, when they start to stagnate in a particular post at work, while their colleagues, who are college graduates, get pay hikes and promotions, they start to realise what they have missed out on.

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These days, people hardly get well paying jobs if they do not have a college degree. In fact, without a college degree, all one can get are menial jobs. Once the realisation dawns upon a working professional, they can’t immediately stop going to work and start their college education because they need to earn money and in order to get a degree they have to attend class.

However, now there is a way of receiving a college degree without having to sacrifice your career. Undergraduate degrees and diplomas are now taught online. Therefore, through online distance education, one can study for a college degree that will ensure them a good lucrative job. These courses are well recognised throughout the world and well accepted by employers. Online universities are extremely convenient and courses offered by online universities are diverse. The subjects the online universities offer are interesting and these courses might not even be taught in traditional universities.

Before enrolling for an online degree course one should keep a few things in mind. Online courses require a whole lot of self discipline as you have to study on your own, independently. You have to make your own study schedule and stick to it. Studies must be done on time and just because you can study at your own pace does not mean that your curriculum can be neglected.

You must choose the subject you want to study carefully because your future depends on it. You must also choose the college carefully. Remember, the colleges have to be well known and accredited for your degree to be recognised and accepted in the job field. So, if you have decided to complete your graduation from online universities, take a lot into consideration.


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Psychology is a very Promising and Upcoming Subject

Psychology is an upcoming subject and these days the subject is also being offered as an online programme by many colleges and universities. Therefore students who want to study the subject but can’t because it isn’t available at most colleges, can now avail of the course at online universities. Studying the subject can open up many opportunities as these days, psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and therapists are highly in demand because stress and depression related diseases are plaguing the world. There are other advantages of learning the subject.

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It helps improve communication skills

No two people are the same. As minds differ, so do personalities. On learning psychology, one becomes accustomed to adjusting to and accepting various types of ideas. This is how studying psychology helps you communicate with people from various walks of life. Studying the subject helps you deal with people better.

It helps you understand yourself

We may say that we know ourselves well and understand all our problems and know how to deal with them. But how much of our lives do we know? We only know the surface of our problems but psychology as a subject helps are delve deeper and discover the root of the problem. It helps us deal with are emotions also helps us discover our true selves. It helps us with introspection which makes a lot of things possible.

Basically psychology helps us understand human behaviour better and improves our people skills. If you are considering taking up psychology as an online degree then you must have a few things clear. Also, go through the features of an online psychology degree programme before making your choice.

Know how to manage time

Time management plays an integral part in most online courses. Psychology is a subject that requires a lot of focus and attention. Making a schedule and following it till the end of the course is highly important. You must know how to make time for your studies in your daily schedule.

Make sure the course is recognised

This is a very important point. You must make sure that the programme you are taking up is accredited and recognised the world over. If it isn’t universally recognised then studying the degree is as good as not studying because employers won’t give it any value

You should be clear about your career goals

Take up psychology only if you are interested in pursuing a career in it. Studying it just because you are curious does not make sense. You should take up the course with a set goal in mind.

Before taking up psychology as an online course weigh out its pros and cons. Understand what you are taking on before you enrol for the degree.

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Investment made in children’s education yields higher results

What is the best financial investment policy in today’s world? While most of you will be confused in answering it, some of you might be having different opinions. But, the real and result-oriented investment in this world is putting money in the education of your children. Yes, investment on education yields higher results and shape up the future of your kids.

Child EducationThe Education Minister of Jamaica, Ronald Thwaites displayed the same view during a ceremony held at Ascot High School in Greater Portmore, St. Catherine. The Minister advised parents and guardians to set right priorities and invest in education of their children from very early ages, so that that can meet the challenges of new global order.

At the ceremony held at Ascot High School, he said, “What I hope for is the day when every family will open a credit union account, or start some savings programme for every child, almost from their birth. Forget the designer jeans and the bags and the bling shoes. Forget the empty graduations, full of pictures and baubles but have little meaning. Put down the money so that your child can have a decent contribution to their education.” (Source:

The Ascot High School is set to offer a wide range of courses from September. Besides subjects at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination levels, professional development and leadership training courses will be also added to the academic curriculum.

The minister is hoping for the best and thinks that new developments in the academic field will echo well beyond school compound and redress the educational plight.

Thwaites has been known to espouse the view in past. While addressing the august gathering at school, he further says, “In the past,secondary education I have been known to espouse the view, I still hold it, that the economic and social system of this country has been designed to transfer the few resources of the many poor to the rich. This is still the case to a large extent. However, this simple but profound thing you are doing is a huge sign of a reversal of that trend.” (Source:

The minister commended the school for the impressive steps taken in the field of education since its year of establishment, 1997. He highlighted the recognition earned by school as educational offerings to the future workforce.

Shyrel-Ann Dean, co-ordinator of the sixth form-preparation project at Ascot High School, told that renovations at the school compound would cost somewhere around $3-4 millions and school will have to find out the money. The renovations include laboratory’s expansion and infrastructure development.

Member of Parliament from South St. Catherine has pledged the funds of $1 million while Thwaites said that education ministry will fund the equal amount. The Mayor of Portmore, George Lee, contributed an undisclosed sum and assured of all the possible supports to the ongoing project.

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Students of Developing Nations can now complete their Education Online

Education is very important for those who want to surge ahead in life. For, growth in career, higher studies is extremely important as an undergraduate degree is the minimum requirement for a job. Employers look for candidates who are well educated and the more educated you are, the higher your salary and post will be at work. Therefore, in order to get a decent job, an undergraduate degree is an absolute must.

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However, there are many developing nations that do not have a strong educational infrastructure, for example, the Caribbean countries. These countries are rich in natural resources but just because they are educationally backward, the youth is not being able to progress. Many students start working right after they finish school. The jobs they get, without doing their graduation, are extremely low paying and mostly menial. Nowadays, most students from Caribbean countries are opting for online studies so that they can get better career opportunities and high salaried jobs.

Online distance education is now being offered by world renowned colleges to students in various corners of the world. These online study programmes offer various courses to study from. As online degrees are now accepted by employers all around the world, they are growing in popularity. These courses also have various advantages. Here are few of the reasons for choosing online studies.


If you are working, and need a degree to get a better job, you do not have to compromise one for the other. With online distance learning programmes you can now plan your studies according to your daily schedule instead of planning your daily schedule according to your studies. Online studies give you the opportunity to study whenever and wherever you get time. So, if you have missed the live online lecture, you can catch the recorded version anytime you want.

Keep your Job

Online degree programmes also let you keep your full time job as you study part time. As many students need to work to fend for themselves, online learning is a boon to them. Now, they have the freedom to work and study simultaneously. So, they can study in the morning before they leave for work or, at night after they get back home from work.


Online education also helps you save on money, time and energy. As you can study online courses in the comfort of your own home, you get to save on money you would spend in commuting, paying rent or hostel fees and also on food. Also remember, as you are not leaving your job, you are also getting to earn that much of extra money.

There are various other reasons why students apply for online studies. Online degrees also help them improve their CVs and boost their careers. These degrees are like a blessing to people who don’t get the opportunity to attend college.

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