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Tips to Advance Your Legal Career in 2014



If you are looking for a career in law then you can have a rewarding and lucrative future, provided you take all the necessary steps correctly. After you have established yourself as lawyer, you will surely be able to earn a lot of money by providing legal services. As people are unable to overlook legal compliance, lawyers are always in demand throughout the globe. According to the current trends in job market, law graduates tend to have a promising future. But it greatly depends on your skills, efficiency and networking. Apart from achieving excellent academic qualifications, you will need to possess observation skills, communication skills, ability to negotiate etc. Moreover, if you can get some experience and build your reputation, your legal career will progress leaps and bounds.

There are a number of things that you can do to improve your legal career prospects. You can find some valuable tips for law students, law graduates as qualified lawyers and solicitors that will support in developing their future.

Tips for Law Students

The most important suggestion you need to follow is enhance the chances of obtaining a training contract or pupillage. Moreover you need to aim to achieve a first class degree to progress your legal career. Here you will need to commit to yourself and have a positive attitude. If you feel a full time law course might be more challenging for you due to time constraints, then an online degree programme in law can prove to be highly beneficial. This will help you in becoming a successful lawyer in your future.

Apparently, increasing number of students are being awarded first class degrees from law schools in the UK. This may be due to various economical and administrative reasons, but the fact is you have a higher chance of getting a first class degree with sufficient effort and dedication. Achieving a high marks in your studies will help you to shape your own career in law. Graduates with first class degrees can apply for interviews in reputed firms and secure high paid jobs in legal services.

Tips for Law Graduates

If you are a law graduate and wish to have a great career then first and foremost take a hard look at your resume. This will help you to get a clear picture about yourself. What will be the determining factor is the amount and quality of work experience you have in your CV.

If you do not have adequate legal work experience, then start taking steps immediately as this will have a great impact on your career in future. You might have to face several challenges to achieve sufficient work experience, but it will certainly prove profitable in the long run. It is best if you do not concentrate on short term gains as that will not help you in the coming years. Proper and quantifiable legal work experience will surely increase your legal career prospects.

Tips for Qualified Lawyers and Solicitors

The best and most effective tip for qualified lawyers is to improve their network and build a client base. It is imperative that you develop a following as it will make a huge impact in your career as well as in your future. Take steps to make your existing clients know that you are the lawyer they need. You need to promote yourself while representing your firm. Use the reputation of your firm to advance your own career forward.

You can build a following through family connections, friends and peers as well as by giving excellent personal service to your clients so that they will want you personally to work for them. Although this is somewhat hard to achieve, it will definitely boost your career and provide you with a solid base that will help you to start your own practice in future. Otherwise you will remain as a salaried legal staff for affirm and work with cases of other lawyers and solicitors.

Apart from these you will also need to follow the latest trends in legal job markets in the UK as well as across the world. This will provide you insights on the current scenario and help you to plan your next move for improving your professional standing. You can learn about job prospects and legal market trends below.

Job Prospects in 2013

In 2013, there were adequate legal jobs available in the UK. Prospects and salaries in law jobs have seen growth in the last year, as compared to previous 3 years. Experts have affirmed an increase in legal job opportunities which can be certainly encouraging for graduates with a law degree. There was a 16 percent growth in law vacancies in 2013 and it has risen to 136,362 (2013) from 117,258 (2012). Moreover there was also a high demand for legal executives and solicitors in the Midlands and the North West. However, the most legal job opportunities were offered from the South East and London.

According to a survey of graduate vacancies at Britain’s leading employers conducted by High Fliers Research, around 708 law graduates were recruited by December 2013. However, the recruitment target was 765 in January 2013. Overall there was a fall of 6.2 percent in legal services recruitment and 47 vacancies were cut in the UK as compared to 2012. However the situation is expected to get better in 2014 with recruitment target at 709 and 22 new legal vacancies added as compared to 2013. Overall there is an increase of 3.2 % in recruitment in the UK as compared to 2013.

You can also apply for international jobs as there has been a significant growth in legal vacancies in Brazil, Singapore, the Middle East and others. Experts believe that this trend will surely continue in 2014 and lead to further development of the legal services job market.

Growth in Legal Services Recruitment

According to Douglas Scott Legal Recruitment, candidate registrations increased by 30 percent and permanent placements rose by 52 percent in 2013, as compared to 2012. Most of the law firms are now looking forward to hiring new candidates as the scenario has improved after the recent recession. There has also been an outstanding demand for Property Lawyers in 2013. However, other legal practice areas are also not behind. On the other hand, some experts feel that the number of students in law schools is presently decreasing due to lean future prospects.

Global Legal Services Prospects

According to a report on global legal job market published by the Law Society in 2013, large law firms in metropolis areas are expected to grow further, but high street solicitors might face some challenges. The study confirms that the legal services market in UK is worth around £26.8bn and employs 320,000 individuals in Wales and England.

The legal services sector contributes significantly towards UK’s economical growth and thus the development of this sector is important. Most of the law firms in Wales and England are acquiring a growing share of the expanding global market as it has a professional and qualified workforce and a trustworthy reputation worldwide. However the high street law firms are experiencing a harsher scenario. Most of the firms are resilient and are striving to conquer a large share of a smaller market.

As you can see, the recent growth of the legal job market can provide you with a great and lucrative career but you will need to be determined and put in the efforts as there will be several challenges in your way. However, if you are ready for making the commitment then you will surely achieve your legal career goals.

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An Online MBA Course Can Bring Miraculous Changes To Your Career

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Finally, the time has come to think out of classrooms. It is mobile technology that has brought an amazing impact on the lives of numerous working professionals who are now busy finding out new unconventional routes to accomplish their career objectives. Talking about business graduates who are into executive jobs, it can be said that most of them are found struggling against the demands of completing masters. This is a big reason why the top business schools and universities have now started offering MBA courses online.Edinburgh Business School’s joint head, Alick Kitchin said that distance learning is the best option for business professionals. In fact, online MBA courses in business management are designed in such a manner that even young students will find them easier to complete them in many ways. For instance, they can:• Get into debates with peers
• Ask questions and solve queries taking help of tutors
• Join group discussions on social networking sites
• Attend live webinars and talk to business experts
• Working professionals can apply the course-based knowledge to their existing work that will let them study the course more effectively

Importance of Time Management


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One of Henley Business School’s students Major Mike James was found to be completing his online MBA course quite comfortably. He said that he would finish it off by the year 2015 taking his own pace. After being deployed by the army to Afghanistan, things were not easy for him. “Most of the time I studied in a tent that was tucked away. Internet access classified ‘unrestricted’ was limited and downloads were slow, so I had to work around that. I learned the importance of good time management early on — that’s critical…” he said.
Moreover, he found that his peer group was exceptional and this gave him the opportunity to talk to senior managers and consultants from diverse sectors that made his job easier. Mike said, “It had long been my plan to do an MBA, and studying this way is affordable. Before starting you need to look at your personal and financial support, your ability and, crucially, the time you have available.”

Increasing income by 25%


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Craig Glasgow, one of the online MBA students enrolled under a UK university said,

“I have seen my earning increase by around 25% from the start of the distance learning courses. The extra earnings gained from promotion have allowed me to move to a house and life in the country, something both me and my wife have always wanted to do.”

In fact, with a distance learning or online MBA programme, you get exposed to a lot of activities:

– You can work
– You can study
– You can look after your parents
– You can keep your personal commitments
– You can eliminate all your additional expenses
So, it’s crystal clear that pursuing online MBA courses is a great option. It makes you handle your busy routine so easily and lets you remain flexible towards all your responsibilities. What is just required is choosing an accredited business school that will help you obtain extensive knowledge in business management; achieve skills what business managers are required to have, and equip you with time management strategies that would make you an efficient businessman.




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Be Selective, Optimist And Wise As You Attempt To Shape Up Your Career

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Success comes to those who choose to stick to their ambition even after they have faced several hurdles on their way. And ambition brings position, higher income and also some responsibilities. Career success, however, is not only about winning a position but continuing with that and then setting further goals to reach new heights. This journey from a commoner to exceptional involves hard work, dedication, loving what you do and planning in advance. It’s also about growing as a person, enabling yourself to envision what’s coming forth, appear as a professional guide for your own career path and finally judge the success you have achieved so far.

Be steady and walk slowly toward your professional goal

The society around you is changing rapidly; and so the economic behavior of the individuals. So, if you are looking for a successful career at this state, planning an aim and holding on to that are the two most important things that you must learn to do even before you start with your voyage toward it. People, who write success stories, are aware of their limitations and vulnerabilities. So, imagine a position you want to reach within five years from now, then plan your dos and don’ts. Decide a strategy for initial stage and then mould it to achieve better results. Remember, knowing your efficiencies won’t help you much but recognizing your weaknesses and where you really need to work on will help you design the right steps.

Wisely select what you want to do

Selecting the right career for a better future isn’t easy and not merely a matter of maturity; it sometimes takes your whole life to decide on the right option and only wise attempts are rewarded. They say the rules have changed; today, it’s not anymore about loving what you do. But doing what you love actually drives you toward a brighter future. Don’t ignore your happiness and self-satisfaction while deciding on your career. Financial constraints are also matter to be considered in this case. So, don’t day dream or set goals that are far beyond your reality and invite depression into your life. To offer a solution to this confusion, start with shorter aims balancing your aspirations and monetary issues; set a timeline for these goals and try achieving them according to the plan. Always be positive, because things keep changing with time and you will see new avenues opening before you as you successfully overcome a hurdle.

See if your employer is happy with you

In a world where competition in every sector rising high and getting complicated every time, fear of losing a job or getting stuck to a position for years are bigger now. Employers facing diverse customer activities, technological dependence and innovative strategies of global market are keen on employing smarter workers for effective performance. So, knowing what exactly your employer wants and what your job requirements are is an important matter to reflect on as you want to enhance your position in a company. Learning market requirements and knowing the recent trends of the industry help shaping employee beahviour that in turn encourage high spirit at workplace. Moreover, your hard work and dedication get more response as your positive vibes come into sight.

Take notes as you move toward your goal
You know yourself best. So, designing a career path of your own that satisfy your demand is important and valuable. Achieving your dream career, however, is also a lot about practical planning, knowing your limitations and also how your skills can help you get the best results. If you are hardworking and confident and are ready to start with your mission, it is advisable that you try building a healthy communication with your colleagues and experts in the field. Professional guidance may be of great help if you really want to know the prospects of your plans and what is the best way to realise your dreams. Besides text, experience, tips and examples are also equally important when it comes to good performance.

Specifics, inspiration and direction all required shaping up a winning career. Chalk a career map and follow it dedicatedly. Discuss your ideas and keep yourself open to various proposals and suggestions. Remain active all the while, take advantage of every opportunity that comes on your way and learn the stories of the movers and shakers in your industry. There’s no keyword but a lot of wise words for every dreamer to reach for the stars.


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