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How Online MBA Programmes Pose a Threat to US Business Schools?

Online learning poses as a threat to the traditional face-to-face mode of education. A number of mediocre business schools are on the verge of getting shut down because of the rise in the popularity of online education.

Richard Lyons, the dean of University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, has a grim prediction for business education in United States. He says, “Half of the business schools in this country could be out of business in 10 years, or five”.

Top MBA programmes will soon start offering degrees online

According to Lyons, the biggest threat is that more and more top MBA programmes will soon start offering degrees online. It is sure to put the business model of industry in danger. Most business schools make revenue through part-time and executive MBA programmes, which will in near future have to compete with top online alternatives for survival among the same population.

However, this phenomenon is more likely to have an impact over lower-ranked business schools, rather than prestigious ones like Wharton and Harvard Business School. As soon as the recognised schools get into the fray of offering online degrees, even the students from remote locations who might have gone for convenient part-time programme nearby their homes will be drawn in.

Online MBA programmes are likely to attract high-quality attendees

Part-time and online MBA programmes do not burn a hole in the pocket of students, who are made to pay dearly in terms of tuition fees at full-time programmes. As most of the part-time and online MBA programmes are designed for corporate strivers staying put near campus, such programmes can be sure of stable flow of high-quality attendees.

In many cases, it is seen that working professionals with family responsibilities or other obligations do not want to relocate to some other places for having a business degree, which can boost their career prospects. Lyons says, “Education technology has the potential to make the proximity factor go away”.

Part-time and e-MBA programmes have sticker price

Most business schools do not make public the total amount of financial aid awarded to MBAs, Lyons makes an estimate that a 25 percent discount on tuition fees is given to average full-time student at a top tier business school. On the other hand, an average student needs to pay only the sticker price at part-time and Online-MBA programmes.

Lyons says that if premier schools draw in the creamy students, part-time programmes with lesser demands may become less effective. These part-time programmes may not stay in business without an able and premium student body.

Reputed business schools are likely to offer their degrees online

While only a few reputed business schools have started offering MBA programmes online, a number of other business schools have. However, the elite business schools have now slowly started warming to online world, experimenting with non-degree online learning. Until now, online education was mostly associated with down market educational institutions, but it has mostly shed the stigma, as some of the top-tier business schools like Stanford, Wharton, and other prestigious institutions are likely to provide online degrees.

Online education is certain to change the patterns schools vie for students. With more and more traditional universities going online, for-profit MBA programmes have been dubbed as the early losers. As the big brands follow the online programmes, lower-ranked business schools may be reduced to dust in near future.

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Relevance of STEM Education seems to be Rising High for Women


If experts are under the impression that men outscore women in terms of earnings, they might be taken aback on knowing that the number of women earning college degrees and higher credentials is actually more than men. Reports say that over half of the population in America not only comprise women but the workforce even takes them a bit less than half.

Despite, the majority of women fail to qualify for STEM jobs which are counted among the fastest growing ones that relate to disciplines like Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s indeed a sad scenario that keeps a lot of women deprived from such bright career opportunities and this crucial matter has now been realised by experts. The current census says:

  • In the United States, 26% of the STEM employees are women
  • Accordingly, 74% of the STEM jobs now employ men

One of the biggest reasons why this has been perceived as a critical issue on a global basis is the American families’ growing reliability on women who is considered to be the primary bread earner. So, what must be done now?

STEM gender gap must be eliminated

To gradually wipe off the gender gap for STEM, fields like science and technology must be made more accessible to women. For this, the Million Women Mentors (MWM), which is a programme initiated by STEMconnector, will lead to a collaboration between non-profit organisations, corporations and government entities. Well, this will raise support and awareness among women as well as young girls in obtaining STEM education. Moreover, there have been more than 50,000 pledges already made to young women in STEM fields.

As far as today’s scenario is concerned, STEM needs to play a strong role that would not only keep it exposed to women but also to students and minorities from economically weaker communities who have always been underrepresented while making way to STEM industries.

Local schools must look for career opportunities in STEM


What local schools must require now are grants that would keep fetching them career opportunities in STEM. In fact, this would also encourage the younger generation, especially women to look for more of these prospective careers. It will also strengthen the importance of engineering programmes and thereafter bring more and more STEM instructors to areas of high requirements. With the introduction of the STEM Gateway Act in Congress, there will be a grant programme for elementary and secondary schools and community colleges that would cater to students coming from economically as well as historically deprived backgrounds.

Now, a ray of hope is left, and that is, women should stop representing them as “the only woman” in jobs related to computer science or something equivalent. Instead, membership can do a good job by helping young women place their feet on the right track and perhaps help them later to get promoted. Rather, a strong mentor can let all those young women progress in their respective careers and hence make them fulfil their dreams.

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Digital Education Widens!

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Digital Learning, Online Learning, Mobile Learning, Social Learning – call it whatever you want, all of them are various synonyms of convenient learning. Yes, the traditional education system that believes in delivering knowledge in a confined place, within a scheduled time and through a stringent set of laws is slowly losing its appeal to the new age learners. Webinars, video instructions, instructional designs, and social interactions are popular way of education today!

Reports show it’s growing at a rapid pace!

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  • The fresh methods of learning all across the world is growing at a steady pace. By introducing games to understand and remember lessons, digital instruction has surely made education an amusing system. As per reports, revenue in 2012 for game-based education earned around $1.5 billion across the global market. The amount increased over 5% in last five years and growing happily. In America the growth rate was higher. According to a study conducted on K-12 students, demand for digital learning has risen over 6500% in the last decade.
  • Digital Education or Online Learning is a rational way of enhancing knowledge to the students opting for higher studies or specialized degrees. With options to learn anywhere anytime and gain knowledge through personalized learning have made accomplishment much easier for the people running after bigger dreams. The current statistics say that 1 in 3 students in higher education are opting for online class. In the US, more than 85% institutions have opened digital curriculum for higher education students.
  • The popularity of using technology in classroom and learner-friendly education is turning heads of big innovators, investors, and institutions. “Personalized learning is more than a buzzword and it’s certainly more than providing students increased access to computers or implementing one-to-one computer programs,” said Jon Phillips, worldwide education director, Dell. “In a personalized approach, students invest in how they learn and how they show their learning through an on-going process of inquiry. Teachers have ready access to an array of personalization tools to meet student needs. And technology combines access to digital content for blended or collaborative learning with access to real-time data that helps teachers intercede when a student is struggling and helps students explore potential areas of interest more deeply.”


After shuffling with various ideas to create a convenient learning system, the pedagogy combines a number of forms to offer a better learning experience to the students today. With increasing recognition, new age learning has evolved with preferences and activities. New age learners these days have quite a few engaging options for better learning experience and they are:

  • Online Classes: People signing up for online classes complete the entire course via internet options.
  • Blended Learning: Here educators who prefer delivering instruction via modern and relevant techniques implement digital ingredients in a brick-and-mortar system offering students a liberal atmosphere to earn knowledge.
  • Flipped Courses: The concept Flip the classes being preferred by millions around the world divide instruction in two clear sections – listen to instructions online and discuss face-to-face.
  • Hybrid Education: This method is a solution to the issue raised after education system turned a technology-based programme. It’s an effort to bring back the human element into learning and create a course combining the best qualities of digital and traditional learning.

People with financial predicaments, restricted time schedules, and geographical barriers can easily manage to acquire knowledge these days. Prestigious degrees, renowned colleges, international experts, free resources, and global network, everything that you need to achieve valuable education is just a click away! And all the credit goes to the academic revolution commonly referred to as digital learning.

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Things That Change Your Perception As A High School Student

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Most of us who are about to step out of our high school boundary may have one thing in common – our wish that perhaps  we would have been as wise during all these years of our school life as we are today. We could have done many things in much better way, then. There are many decisions and actions we regret now, and wonder how good it would have been if someone would tell us about our mistakes from the very beginning. However, after all these years of versatile experience we can certainly suggest new students what to do and what not.

Hard Work

Hard work has no other alternative, and one must always leave room for more effort than one think is sufficient. It is all about motivation. There is no limit of striving. The more one can put the best into something, the better he can thrive.


Motivation, in turn, grows quite smoothly through inspiring examples. So, do not hesitate to take inspirations from anything worthy, be it the biography of a renowned person or any character from a story. Whatever inspires you to work hard and achieve something big is good for you. So, always adhere to whatever feels inspirational.

Avoid Shirking

Staying away from the tendency of shirking is very vital a quality a students must grow from the starting point. Undisturbed focus on your study is really needed to reach to your goal.

Stay away from trivialities

Involvement in trivial things is one of the main factors high school students distracted by. Obviously, at their age it is quite normal to take interest in many trivial matters. But, they should always know that these trivialities pro-actively disturb their motivation and concentration on studies. So, it is better to carefully stay aloof from all unimportant matters, irrelevant to one’s study.

Enjoy your Student Life

But at the same time you must enjoy your school life, because it is a unique phase in your life and comes only for once. Do not burden yourself with loads of anxieties. Rather, you should enjoy what you do and what you ought to do.

Avoid Disturbing Friends

Friends are an integral part of your high school life. But if you are not uncomfortable with some of them just chuck them. It is no worth feeling bad after their opinions about you. Just make yourself confident and enjoy being what you are.

Read and Write More

Try to be a voracious reader and enthusiast writer, both of which will help you develop your forte.

Participate in Extracurricular activities

At the same time, involvement in extracurricular activities outside your study always helps to keep you healthy and vent out your boredom. And, you never know which activity might prove a real forte for you later on.

Be respectful to Seniors Students

One thing you must always cling to is that you should always be respectful to your seniors who can provide you essentially profitable ideas earned through their firsthand experience.

Find your unique happiness

 You must not dwell in the dilemma of not being good at any particular sphere. Rather, you should take every opportunity to learn and a chance to grow.  Your high school friends may not always be there with you but your passion for your study will go on assisting throughout your life. So, instead of depending upon momentary happiness such as hair styles it is better to create your own happiness – happiness from your study or any hobby.

Following these methods, you will find your high school experience more enjoyable and worthy. And, at the end of your course you will be quite satisfied about your achievements.

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