Burdened by Rising Tuition Fees? Consider Taking Part in Apprenticeship Program

For a long time, apprenticeship was seen as the connecting route between education and employment. Today, a large number of people are attracted to apprenticeship because it provides the opportunity to earn while they learn.

In the UK, National Apprenticeship Week, into its seventh year, aims to raise the awareness about apprenticeship programs among pupils, parents and teachers. The National Apprenticeship Week usually runs from March 3 to 7 every year.

Apprenticeships are Better for Young Students

Anyone aged 16 and above can take part in apprenticeship program, which generally lasts for between one and four years. Those taking part in the program are considered as the employees of the company, which is liable to pay at least the national minimum wage of £2.68 to under-19s. Participants can also study for their qualification, mostly after they are leased for the day, at college.

Those who are studying at intermediate, advanced and higher levels can take part in apprenticeship programs.

Participation in Apprenticeship Program

In terms of participation, it is still small in comparison with the alternate educational routes. About 108,000 out of 495,000 pupils enrolled for university course took part in apprenticeship in the first quarter of 2013-14. However, if compared with previous years’ trends, the numbers have grown swiftly. In 2012-13 alone, about 860,000 pupils were taking on apprenticeship programs. The figure is double from the past five years.

Image Source: bit.ly/1oj4lYm

Image Source: bit.ly/1oj4lYm

Apprenticeship programs have become more interesting alternative to full-time working professional and university students because of the recession and mounting tuition fees. The National Apprentice Week held in early March was aimed to increase awareness about the virtues of apprenticeship programs.

Karen Woodward, Deputy Director at the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) says that the prestige of the companies involved in the program has boosted the popularity of this career path.

Prestigious Companies Take Part in National Apprenticeship Week

Some of the prestigious companies taking part in the program include Rolls-Royce, BAE and BT, banks and consultancy firms like PwC and Barclays. Usually, there are more than 10 applicants vying for one place, which makes the competition stiff.

Woodward says, “Getting into some of these blue-chip apprenticeship programmes can be as difficult as getting into Oxford or Cambridge,”

In the National Apprenticeship Week, pupils belonging to diverse career fields, such as accounting, piloting, PR, project management, were given opportunities for 1,500 different roles in 170 sectors by about 100,000 employers.

So, pupils at intermediate, advanced and higher levels are suggested to take part in apprenticeship programs, as it may change the future course of their career for better.


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MOOCs: A Global Platform to complete Higher Education

As an educator, I feel immensely happy when I see people taking interest in studies. I really like youngsters who have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are open to various ways and modes of learning. It is a universal truth, that there is no end to learning, and individuals who pursue academics to better themselves, prove this point. For many, putting careers on hold to study more is no big deal, but for most, even the thought of quitting one’s job is frightening. For such people online learning is the best option. However, online courses also cost money, or do they? MOOCs also allow students to study a plethora of courses without having to pay anything or going anywhere.

Image Source: bit.ly/1e0If8k

Image Source: bit.ly/1e0If8k

The convenience and popularity of MOOCs

Over the years, MOOCs have emerged as a very popular mode of learning for people who are keen on learning. MOOCs are meant for everyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge in a particular subject. People of all ages, religions, communities, and ethnicities can take up these online courses. These courses are free so they can be studied by anyone regardless of their economic condition. So, stay at home parents, teachers, students, working professionals, retired individuals, anyone can take up these courses. These courses are more popular because they can be studied from anywhere, anytime.

Satisfying the thirst for education or just a fad?

There are many who start these courses and drop out mid way, just for the sake of taking it up. There are many MOOC junkies all over the world, who find it necessary to join every MOOC that come across as interesting. Some of these people are actually serious about the course and complete it whereas many start with it and don’t see it through. Just because, it is free, many students who study in MOOCs don’t take it seriously and leave whenever they feel like. On the other hand, if these courses were paid, they would be compelled to complete them.

An alarming example…

The kid who lives next door, is working these days, but sometime ago, when I asked him, he said that he was studying a course on social care and health and recently he told me that he’s studying a course on fiction. So, worriedly, I asked him how he’s paying for them and how he’s studying two courses simultaneously and working. To that, he replied that he’s not paying for them and was studying them because he felt like it. Once he got bored of studying the first course, he dropped out and started the second. This amazed me and I asked him if will complete the present course, to which he replied, that he will, if doesn’t find disinteresting.

So, basically, I concluded that he was following a fad whereas an ex student of mine was actually, studying management at a MOOC to improve and do better at work. Another, reason why MOOCs can be treated as a fad is that most people who study these courses are already graduates and therefore treat this as an additional learning experience. So while for many, MOOCs are a blessing, for many, it is just another way of passing time. So yes, I believe, if you do want to quench your thirst for education with conviction, there’s no better way of doing it than studying at MOOCs as they are convenient.

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Online Courses in Health & Social Care are far Effective for Career Seekers


Learning is always a pleasure if it can be initiated in groups comprising individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. In this respect, it has been found that health practitioners coming from different social and health care settings can actually benefit a lot from studying in groups through virtual learning platforms. Paramedics, nurses, assistant practitioners as well as those who work in operating departments can even prepare their lessons together and can even top up a degree at the same time.

Now, the question that many healthcare professionals ask is how they would actually learn the course online. Well, there are many accredited institutions that make use of different virtual learning tools through which students grab the opportunity to study course materials in an interactive manner. What’s the most important part of this entire process is students’ engagement. For this, what are essential is:

  • Collaboration among teachers and students
  • Networking on an extensive scale
  • Considerable support from peers

Accessing the online library and coordinating with the support staff would also be counted among the learning methods. By means of interactive forums, emails, Live Chat and Skype, the healthcare students would be able to interact with their superiors.

So, what the health and social care online course aims at?



Students who would be pursuing an online course in health and social care would be able to enjoy the following benefits:

      • Students would be provided a learning ambiance enriched in technology. They would come to know about the standards of services encompassing health and social care.
      • Medical practitioners would get the opportunity to learn reflective and analytical approaches, and would therefore achieve proficiency in working under the health and social care sector.
      • Online students in healthcare would be learning inter-professional approaches that have a major contribution in collaborating social care delivery and quality of the client experience.

However, the most important thing is to ensure whether you are enrolling in the right online course that can let you earn a recognised degree in health and social care.

So, here are a few considerations to be made for online learners who are planning to take up a course in health and social care. Take a look:


Accreditation – This is an initial consideration to be made by every online learner who is taking up a course in health and social care. Earning a degree from a recognised institution is always beneficial in terms of career prospects.

Flexibility – No matter which accredited online course provider you are choosing, make sure it has a wide range of course options, class availability and most importantly flexible schedules that can let one work and study at the same time.

Monetary support – There are plenty of recognised online learning providers who give students the opportunity to access easy funding schemes that would let them pursue their courses without falling prey to monetary pressures. So, make sure that you are assured such funding options that can make you accomplish your career objectives without hassles.

So, you can see that even if you are working, you can pursue an online course in health and social care from any corner of the world under an accredited university. This will eliminate a lot of your expenses and add a considerable work experience along with your credentials.

Article Source:bit.ly/MD9Llu

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Fresh Set of Rules for Online Mode of Study!

Image Source: bit.ly/1jMZIZ4

Image Source:

There is no doubt that learning online is a big opening for every learner across the world. The traditional education system that deprived thousands from the benefits of knowledge due to rigid schedule, stringent rules and four-walled confinement, was bound to incorporate changes with time. With increasing demand for higher education, more proficient skills and also a convenient lifestyle, education system has little scope to escape the occurring evolution.

Online Learning: Big Responsibility

With liberty comes responsibility. Freedom that learning achieved with technological intervention needs mature and responsible approach. Students who couldn’t afford to leave jobs or compromise with personal commitments preferred learning through online schools as it offers them a customized learning environment with exclusive options like:

  • Study anytime anywhere
  • Experience affordable learning by reducing travelling, boarding and food costs.
  • Learn with peers across the world.
  • Study under the guidance of the best people in the field.
  • Design course according to preference and convenience.
  • Learn through heated debates, intelligent comments and interesting updates.
  • Say goodbye to fat textbooks, boring speeches. Use vibrant tools to earn knowledge.

But to squeeze best results out of these exciting options including self-discipline to education becomes imperative. It’s true that learners no more need to confine themselves to strict rules or fear a suffocating environment in the midst of brick and mortars. The equation in between students and teachers are also changing rapidly. But one needs to pay attention that pupils studying at their own place and pace have no one to remind their deadlines, provide supplementary from library or ask to rectify the errors immediately. Now finishing assignments, tracking your performance and even finding out the best help are solely your responsibility.

Let’s find out some easy solutions to the emerging educational issues:

Making a routine is imperative: It’s true that education online has set learning free from every strict rule. And the entire world is in the mood for liberal learning! But the fact is knowledge never prefers chaotic  situation. No matter how you like to study or what your preferences are, a routine can always be arranged accordingly. And it will help you to attain goals easily.

Web Connects and also Diverts: Web based learning is enjoyable because it keeps you engaged with different educational activities and offers you a vibrant academic space filled with diverse dialogues. There is no doubt that all these components make learning hugely interesting but can also be diverting if you involve yourself too much in debates, dialogues, and other web-based activities. Remember, knowing everything about your text always comes first.

Experiment Less and Focus More: Internet, today, is awash with intelligent learning tools and platforms. You have thousands of apps activated on your pocket device that give you option to design a course suitable to your schedule, choice and capacity. But with new discoveries making its way every time, a student may spoil his/her productive time on experimenting with the fresh arrivals. Learning through game is a smart approach, but making education a mere entertainment has never been the intention.

Keep Record of your Study Time: You have exciting tools to study this time around. So, make them work for you. Studying for a fixed amount of time is very important. But it depends highly on what suits your mood and brains. If you don’t like to sit and study for a long time, you better make routine with regular intervals. If your work mundane business is coming on the way of education then take lessons before starting your day or when everything is over. No matter what is your style, but make sure that you study everyday and that too for a considerable amount of time.

Track Your Performance: Don’t ignore your mistakes or forget to appreciate yourself. In online education you need to remember that there’s nobody behind you to remind or rebuke every time. Finishing tasks and moving ahead flawlessly is your sole responsibility. So, it’s important to keep track of your performance that will help you to understand whether you are applying the right tricks and what amendments can lead you toward betterment.

A vital thing that every e-learner needs to remember is with internet we have fallen into a habit of scrolling and scanning the documents available on any site. This could be applicable when you are looking for small information or the content is not as important as the product you are searching on the site. But it’s something you should never try when you have your study material opened on your monitor. Whether you have the content printed or screened on your computing device, studying can never happen without proper attention.

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Digital Education Widens!

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Image Source:

Digital Learning, Online Learning, Mobile Learning, Social Learning – call it whatever you want, all of them are various synonyms of convenient learning. Yes, the traditional education system that believes in delivering knowledge in a confined place, within a scheduled time and through a stringent set of laws is slowly losing its appeal to the new age learners. Webinars, video instructions, instructional designs, and social interactions are popular way of education today!

Reports show it’s growing at a rapid pace!

Image Source:  buswk.co/1iJIfxG

Image Source:

  • The fresh methods of learning all across the world is growing at a steady pace. By introducing games to understand and remember lessons, digital instruction has surely made education an amusing system. As per reports, revenue in 2012 for game-based education earned around $1.5 billion across the global market. The amount increased over 5% in last five years and growing happily. In America the growth rate was higher. According to a study conducted on K-12 students, demand for digital learning has risen over 6500% in the last decade.
  • Digital Education or Online Learning is a rational way of enhancing knowledge to the students opting for higher studies or specialized degrees. With options to learn anywhere anytime and gain knowledge through personalized learning have made accomplishment much easier for the people running after bigger dreams. The current statistics say that 1 in 3 students in higher education are opting for online class. In the US, more than 85% institutions have opened digital curriculum for higher education students.
  • The popularity of using technology in classroom and learner-friendly education is turning heads of big innovators, investors, and institutions. “Personalized learning is more than a buzzword and it’s certainly more than providing students increased access to computers or implementing one-to-one computer programs,” said Jon Phillips, worldwide education director, Dell. “In a personalized approach, students invest in how they learn and how they show their learning through an on-going process of inquiry. Teachers have ready access to an array of personalization tools to meet student needs. And technology combines access to digital content for blended or collaborative learning with access to real-time data that helps teachers intercede when a student is struggling and helps students explore potential areas of interest more deeply.”

(Source: dell.to/1bHHEY6)

After shuffling with various ideas to create a convenient learning system, the pedagogy combines a number of forms to offer a better learning experience to the students today. With increasing recognition, new age learning has evolved with preferences and activities. New age learners these days have quite a few engaging options for better learning experience and they are:

  • Online Classes: People signing up for online classes complete the entire course via internet options.
  • Blended Learning: Here educators who prefer delivering instruction via modern and relevant techniques implement digital ingredients in a brick-and-mortar system offering students a liberal atmosphere to earn knowledge.
  • Flipped Courses: The concept Flip the classes being preferred by millions around the world divide instruction in two clear sections – listen to instructions online and discuss face-to-face.
  • Hybrid Education: This method is a solution to the issue raised after education system turned a technology-based programme. It’s an effort to bring back the human element into learning and create a course combining the best qualities of digital and traditional learning.

People with financial predicaments, restricted time schedules, and geographical barriers can easily manage to acquire knowledge these days. Prestigious degrees, renowned colleges, international experts, free resources, and global network, everything that you need to achieve valuable education is just a click away! And all the credit goes to the academic revolution commonly referred to as digital learning.

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Things That Change Your Perception As A High School Student

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Most of us who are about to step out of our high school boundary may have one thing in common – our wish that perhaps  we would have been as wise during all these years of our school life as we are today. We could have done many things in much better way, then. There are many decisions and actions we regret now, and wonder how good it would have been if someone would tell us about our mistakes from the very beginning. However, after all these years of versatile experience we can certainly suggest new students what to do and what not.

Hard Work

Hard work has no other alternative, and one must always leave room for more effort than one think is sufficient. It is all about motivation. There is no limit of striving. The more one can put the best into something, the better he can thrive.


Motivation, in turn, grows quite smoothly through inspiring examples. So, do not hesitate to take inspirations from anything worthy, be it the biography of a renowned person or any character from a story. Whatever inspires you to work hard and achieve something big is good for you. So, always adhere to whatever feels inspirational.

Avoid Shirking

Staying away from the tendency of shirking is very vital a quality a students must grow from the starting point. Undisturbed focus on your study is really needed to reach to your goal.

Stay away from trivialities

Involvement in trivial things is one of the main factors high school students distracted by. Obviously, at their age it is quite normal to take interest in many trivial matters. But, they should always know that these trivialities pro-actively disturb their motivation and concentration on studies. So, it is better to carefully stay aloof from all unimportant matters, irrelevant to one’s study.

Enjoy your Student Life

But at the same time you must enjoy your school life, because it is a unique phase in your life and comes only for once. Do not burden yourself with loads of anxieties. Rather, you should enjoy what you do and what you ought to do.

Avoid Disturbing Friends

Friends are an integral part of your high school life. But if you are not uncomfortable with some of them just chuck them. It is no worth feeling bad after their opinions about you. Just make yourself confident and enjoy being what you are.

Read and Write More

Try to be a voracious reader and enthusiast writer, both of which will help you develop your forte.

Participate in Extracurricular activities

At the same time, involvement in extracurricular activities outside your study always helps to keep you healthy and vent out your boredom. And, you never know which activity might prove a real forte for you later on.

Be respectful to Seniors Students

One thing you must always cling to is that you should always be respectful to your seniors who can provide you essentially profitable ideas earned through their firsthand experience.

Find your unique happiness

 You must not dwell in the dilemma of not being good at any particular sphere. Rather, you should take every opportunity to learn and a chance to grow.  Your high school friends may not always be there with you but your passion for your study will go on assisting throughout your life. So, instead of depending upon momentary happiness such as hair styles it is better to create your own happiness – happiness from your study or any hobby.

Following these methods, you will find your high school experience more enjoyable and worthy. And, at the end of your course you will be quite satisfied about your achievements.

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Top Benefits That You Can Extract from Online Courses

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Online learning is all about making the best use of technological resources to access education. In spite of being the latest entrant in the realm of education, online learning process has attracted a huge number of regular students and working professionals in developing as well as developed nations.

In the developed nations, online learning is well accepted because of the technological advancements in the field of education, whereas it has a lot to offer to relatively weaker and developing societies, such as Caribbean countries. It is well known to all that Caribbean countries, though having huge potential, lag behind in education sector. A large number of Caribbean students are forced to stop receiving education due to poverty and lack of proper educational infrastructure facilities.

Promising of higher benefits, online learning is the right answer to solve each and every constraint of Caribbean students. The technological advancements have given a new meaning to how students take classes in modern times. In addition to the location flexibility, online learning offers several other benefits that could prove to be quite handy for the regular students as well as working professionals.

Here are some biggest advantages of e-Learning:

Scalable, fast and efficient learning – Unlike traditional mode of learning, e-learning has been designed to give you scalable, fast and efficient learning experience. Academic institutions offering online education programme are now able to quickly create and communicate new training and policies for the learners. Whether you are a regular student or working professional, e-learning mode will surely and perfectly ease your learning experience.

Improve capacity and consistency – This learning method has the ability to attain higher levels of coverage in the midst of targeted audiences. It also makes sure that messages are communicated consistently to entire learner community. E-learning method ensures that all the learners get the same training.

Ensure higher learning retention – It is a fact that blended learning leads to higher learning retention, as it involves a wide range of learning styles. Under the e-learning programmes, course-works are regularly refreshed or updated according to the demand of learners. Online learning offers the students a chance to pace the learning process the way it suits them.

E-learning can save your time and money – Whether students are worried about the time or money, e-learning has the ability to significantly reduce the consumption of time and money. As everything, from classes to training programmes, is made available online, you can access it from any place of your choice.

Measure learning activity and gain high return on investment – With the help of learning management system, one can track the progresses made by learners. Most times, e-learners, after completing their courses, successfully bag lucrative job offers, which, by far, is huge in comparison to the investment.

Reduce the use of carbon – Keeping in view the environmental issues, e-learning provides an alternative to paper-based learning. Online training programmes and online quizzes can significantly reduce the usage of carbon footprint and lead to better and healthy environment.

Altogether, online learning deals with many issues in one go. So, if you want to be in win-win situation, online learning can provide you the best platform to achieve new heights in your career.

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