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How Online MBA Programmes Pose a Threat to US Business Schools?



Online learning poses as a threat to the traditional face-to-face mode of education. A number of mediocre business schools are on the verge of getting shut down because of the rise in the popularity of online education.

Richard Lyons, the dean of University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, has a grim prediction for business education in United States. He says, “Half of the business schools in this country could be out of business in 10 years, or five”.

Top MBA programmes will soon start offering degrees online

According to Lyons, the biggest threat is that more and more top MBA programmes will soon start offering degrees online. It is sure to put the business model of industry in danger. Most business schools make revenue through part-time and executive MBA programmes, which will in near future have to compete with top online alternatives for survival among the same population.

However, this phenomenon is more likely to have an impact over lower-ranked business schools, rather than prestigious ones like Wharton and Harvard Business School. As soon as the recognised schools get into the fray of offering online degrees, even the students from remote locations who might have gone for convenient part-time programme nearby their homes will be drawn in.

Online MBA programmes are likely to attract high-quality attendees

Part-time and online MBA programmes do not burn a hole in the pocket of students, who are made to pay dearly in terms of tuition fees at full-time programmes. As most of the part-time and online MBA programmes are designed for corporate strivers staying put near campus, such programmes can be sure of stable flow of high-quality attendees.

In many cases, it is seen that working professionals with family responsibilities or other obligations do not want to relocate to some other places for having a business degree, which can boost their career prospects. Lyons says, “Education technology has the potential to make the proximity factor go away”.



Part-time and e-MBA programmes have sticker price

Most business schools do not make public the total amount of financial aid awarded to MBAs, Lyons makes an estimate that a 25 percent discount on tuition fees is given to average full-time student at a top tier business school. On the other hand, an average student needs to pay only the sticker price at part-time and Online-MBA programmes.

Lyons says that if premier schools draw in the creamy students, part-time programmes with lesser demands may become less effective. These part-time programmes may not stay in business without an able and premium student body.

Reputed business schools are likely to offer their degrees online

While only a few reputed business schools have started offering MBA programmes online, a number of other business schools have. However, the elite business schools have now slowly started warming to online world, experimenting with non-degree online learning. Until now, online education was mostly associated with down market educational institutions, but it has mostly shed the stigma, as some of the top-tier business schools like Stanford, Wharton, and other prestigious institutions are likely to provide online degrees.

Online education is certain to change the patterns schools vie for students. With more and more traditional universities going online, for-profit MBA programmes have been dubbed as the early losers. As the big brands follow the online programmes, lower-ranked business schools may be reduced to dust in near future.

Article Source: buswk.co/PAg5vQ


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MOOCs: A Global Platform to complete Higher Education

As an educator, I feel immensely happy when I see people taking interest in studies. I really like youngsters who have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are open to various ways and modes of learning. It is a universal truth, that there is no end to learning, and individuals who pursue academics to better themselves, prove this point. For many, putting careers on hold to study more is no big deal, but for most, even the thought of quitting one’s job is frightening. For such people online learning is the best option. However, online courses also cost money, or do they? MOOCs also allow students to study a plethora of courses without having to pay anything or going anywhere.

Image Source: bit.ly/1e0If8k

Image Source: bit.ly/1e0If8k

The convenience and popularity of MOOCs

Over the years, MOOCs have emerged as a very popular mode of learning for people who are keen on learning. MOOCs are meant for everyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge in a particular subject. People of all ages, religions, communities, and ethnicities can take up these online courses. These courses are free so they can be studied by anyone regardless of their economic condition. So, stay at home parents, teachers, students, working professionals, retired individuals, anyone can take up these courses. These courses are more popular because they can be studied from anywhere, anytime.

Satisfying the thirst for education or just a fad?

There are many who start these courses and drop out mid way, just for the sake of taking it up. There are many MOOC junkies all over the world, who find it necessary to join every MOOC that come across as interesting. Some of these people are actually serious about the course and complete it whereas many start with it and don’t see it through. Just because, it is free, many students who study in MOOCs don’t take it seriously and leave whenever they feel like. On the other hand, if these courses were paid, they would be compelled to complete them.

An alarming example…

The kid who lives next door, is working these days, but sometime ago, when I asked him, he said that he was studying a course on social care and health and recently he told me that he’s studying a course on fiction. So, worriedly, I asked him how he’s paying for them and how he’s studying two courses simultaneously and working. To that, he replied that he’s not paying for them and was studying them because he felt like it. Once he got bored of studying the first course, he dropped out and started the second. This amazed me and I asked him if will complete the present course, to which he replied, that he will, if doesn’t find disinteresting.

So, basically, I concluded that he was following a fad whereas an ex student of mine was actually, studying management at a MOOC to improve and do better at work. Another, reason why MOOCs can be treated as a fad is that most people who study these courses are already graduates and therefore treat this as an additional learning experience. So while for many, MOOCs are a blessing, for many, it is just another way of passing time. So yes, I believe, if you do want to quench your thirst for education with conviction, there’s no better way of doing it than studying at MOOCs as they are convenient.

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Fresh Set of Rules for Online Mode of Study!

Image Source: bit.ly/1jMZIZ4

Image Source:

There is no doubt that learning online is a big opening for every learner across the world. The traditional education system that deprived thousands from the benefits of knowledge due to rigid schedule, stringent rules and four-walled confinement, was bound to incorporate changes with time. With increasing demand for higher education, more proficient skills and also a convenient lifestyle, education system has little scope to escape the occurring evolution.

Online Learning: Big Responsibility

With liberty comes responsibility. Freedom that learning achieved with technological intervention needs mature and responsible approach. Students who couldn’t afford to leave jobs or compromise with personal commitments preferred learning through online schools as it offers them a customized learning environment with exclusive options like:

  • Study anytime anywhere
  • Experience affordable learning by reducing travelling, boarding and food costs.
  • Learn with peers across the world.
  • Study under the guidance of the best people in the field.
  • Design course according to preference and convenience.
  • Learn through heated debates, intelligent comments and interesting updates.
  • Say goodbye to fat textbooks, boring speeches. Use vibrant tools to earn knowledge.

But to squeeze best results out of these exciting options including self-discipline to education becomes imperative. It’s true that learners no more need to confine themselves to strict rules or fear a suffocating environment in the midst of brick and mortars. The equation in between students and teachers are also changing rapidly. But one needs to pay attention that pupils studying at their own place and pace have no one to remind their deadlines, provide supplementary from library or ask to rectify the errors immediately. Now finishing assignments, tracking your performance and even finding out the best help are solely your responsibility.

Let’s find out some easy solutions to the emerging educational issues:

Making a routine is imperative: It’s true that education online has set learning free from every strict rule. And the entire world is in the mood for liberal learning! But the fact is knowledge never prefers chaotic  situation. No matter how you like to study or what your preferences are, a routine can always be arranged accordingly. And it will help you to attain goals easily.

Web Connects and also Diverts: Web based learning is enjoyable because it keeps you engaged with different educational activities and offers you a vibrant academic space filled with diverse dialogues. There is no doubt that all these components make learning hugely interesting but can also be diverting if you involve yourself too much in debates, dialogues, and other web-based activities. Remember, knowing everything about your text always comes first.

Experiment Less and Focus More: Internet, today, is awash with intelligent learning tools and platforms. You have thousands of apps activated on your pocket device that give you option to design a course suitable to your schedule, choice and capacity. But with new discoveries making its way every time, a student may spoil his/her productive time on experimenting with the fresh arrivals. Learning through game is a smart approach, but making education a mere entertainment has never been the intention.

Keep Record of your Study Time: You have exciting tools to study this time around. So, make them work for you. Studying for a fixed amount of time is very important. But it depends highly on what suits your mood and brains. If you don’t like to sit and study for a long time, you better make routine with regular intervals. If your work mundane business is coming on the way of education then take lessons before starting your day or when everything is over. No matter what is your style, but make sure that you study everyday and that too for a considerable amount of time.

Track Your Performance: Don’t ignore your mistakes or forget to appreciate yourself. In online education you need to remember that there’s nobody behind you to remind or rebuke every time. Finishing tasks and moving ahead flawlessly is your sole responsibility. So, it’s important to keep track of your performance that will help you to understand whether you are applying the right tricks and what amendments can lead you toward betterment.

A vital thing that every e-learner needs to remember is with internet we have fallen into a habit of scrolling and scanning the documents available on any site. This could be applicable when you are looking for small information or the content is not as important as the product you are searching on the site. But it’s something you should never try when you have your study material opened on your monitor. Whether you have the content printed or screened on your computing device, studying can never happen without proper attention.

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Digital Education Widens!

Image Source: bit.ly/1fVJpn6

Image Source:

Digital Learning, Online Learning, Mobile Learning, Social Learning – call it whatever you want, all of them are various synonyms of convenient learning. Yes, the traditional education system that believes in delivering knowledge in a confined place, within a scheduled time and through a stringent set of laws is slowly losing its appeal to the new age learners. Webinars, video instructions, instructional designs, and social interactions are popular way of education today!

Reports show it’s growing at a rapid pace!

Image Source:  buswk.co/1iJIfxG

Image Source:

  • The fresh methods of learning all across the world is growing at a steady pace. By introducing games to understand and remember lessons, digital instruction has surely made education an amusing system. As per reports, revenue in 2012 for game-based education earned around $1.5 billion across the global market. The amount increased over 5% in last five years and growing happily. In America the growth rate was higher. According to a study conducted on K-12 students, demand for digital learning has risen over 6500% in the last decade.
  • Digital Education or Online Learning is a rational way of enhancing knowledge to the students opting for higher studies or specialized degrees. With options to learn anywhere anytime and gain knowledge through personalized learning have made accomplishment much easier for the people running after bigger dreams. The current statistics say that 1 in 3 students in higher education are opting for online class. In the US, more than 85% institutions have opened digital curriculum for higher education students.
  • The popularity of using technology in classroom and learner-friendly education is turning heads of big innovators, investors, and institutions. “Personalized learning is more than a buzzword and it’s certainly more than providing students increased access to computers or implementing one-to-one computer programs,” said Jon Phillips, worldwide education director, Dell. “In a personalized approach, students invest in how they learn and how they show their learning through an on-going process of inquiry. Teachers have ready access to an array of personalization tools to meet student needs. And technology combines access to digital content for blended or collaborative learning with access to real-time data that helps teachers intercede when a student is struggling and helps students explore potential areas of interest more deeply.”

(Source: dell.to/1bHHEY6)

After shuffling with various ideas to create a convenient learning system, the pedagogy combines a number of forms to offer a better learning experience to the students today. With increasing recognition, new age learning has evolved with preferences and activities. New age learners these days have quite a few engaging options for better learning experience and they are:

  • Online Classes: People signing up for online classes complete the entire course via internet options.
  • Blended Learning: Here educators who prefer delivering instruction via modern and relevant techniques implement digital ingredients in a brick-and-mortar system offering students a liberal atmosphere to earn knowledge.
  • Flipped Courses: The concept Flip the classes being preferred by millions around the world divide instruction in two clear sections – listen to instructions online and discuss face-to-face.
  • Hybrid Education: This method is a solution to the issue raised after education system turned a technology-based programme. It’s an effort to bring back the human element into learning and create a course combining the best qualities of digital and traditional learning.

People with financial predicaments, restricted time schedules, and geographical barriers can easily manage to acquire knowledge these days. Prestigious degrees, renowned colleges, international experts, free resources, and global network, everything that you need to achieve valuable education is just a click away! And all the credit goes to the academic revolution commonly referred to as digital learning.

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Caribbean Students To Enjoy A Bright Future With New Technological Developments

Do you think that the Caribbean nations are still having poor education systems? Are they still failing to promise quality education for their students who are sitting deprived for years? History says that Caribbean countries had issues for long years with their educational infrastructures and this was probably one of the major reasons why they didn’t made it possible to create opportunities for students and job aspirants in completing higher studies. Later, massive developments in technology popularised the concept of learning online on a global scale that also affected the lives of numerous students positively.
Image Source: bit.ly/18LjZEG

Image Source: bit.ly/18LjZEG

Caribbean countries require advancements in technology

According to researchers, advancements in technology have helped a lot of students in learning new skills, assessing knowledge and accessing quality information till date. In fact, the enrolment rates in various accredited universities have gone so high that experts are now considering online education to be extremely effective. Likewise, plenty of companies today train their employees without spending lumps sums by making use of e-learning tools.

Canada takes initiative to help Caribbean students access distance education

Image Source: bit.ly/1gBiwc1

Image Source:

It was previously in the month of May this year when Canada took an incredible initiative to help Caribbean students access distance learning courses with ease. The Minister of State of Foreign Affairs, Diane Ablonczy declared that Canada will be taking this step to ensure that students in the Caribbean who have been aiming to complete post-graduation will be able to access to online learning programmes.

Canada’s intention here was to

• Help Caribbean in building a prosperous community
• Enhance opportunities for its people
• Ensure economic stability that can be sustained for a longer time period

In this respect, Minister Ablonczy said, “Helping the region’s young people develop the high-level skills needed to contribute to the work force is a key step toward reaching those goals.” It was the Open Campus at the University of West Indies that acted as the main project implementer. In fact, advances in technologies to improve communication have helped students in:

– Accessing post-secondary education
– Reaching students living in remote areas
– Eliminating costs in utilising learning resources

Distance learning can bring millions out of poverty

Image Source: bit.ly/19sxU6B

Image Source:

The project therefore played a key role in helping a lot of Caribbean students complete their post-graduation by using distance education technologies. In regard to the project, Minister Fantino said, “By integrating higher education into the Caribbean, Canada is enhancing the ability of Caribbean countries to address the economic and labour market challenges they face, ultimately helping to lift millions of people out of poverty.”

Today, online learning has emerged to be a craze among the Caribbean students who are now making it possible to complete higher studies by enrolling in distance learning courses through the internet. The future of the Caribbean is rather heading towards a time when students there would have no hindrances towards heading to bright career paths. Let’s see what other surprises are in store for the Caribbean new age learners.

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Employers’ Perception On Online Learners !!!

Source: bit.ly/19JKHzN

Source: bit.ly/19JKHzN

Many people still have some reservations about obtaining a degree online. There are a few questions always ringing in their mind. They are sceptic about the value of online degrees and think they will have a disadvantage to the students who acquired their degrees from brick and mortar institutions. Additionally, students also give a thought upon whether future employers will favour students from traditional colleges or them.

Employer’s View

Employers were earlier quite sceptical about quality of education at online colleges. According to a study in 2001, around 29 percent employers said they would never mull over appointing an employee who acquired degree through online medium. Rest 21 percent said they may hire online degree holders or they simply did not care. (Source: goo.gl/zMryqR)

Source: bit.ly/13VKnyz

Source: bit.ly/13VKnyz

Of late, a number of prominent universities have started to provide online degree programmes. As many reputable universities and colleges have entered the online education sector, more and more employers have begun to let go of their scepticisms about online degrees. They have started to understand the quality of learning received through online education is equal or even in some cases, better than traditional education medium. Many employers these days encourage their employees to enrol in online classes to sharpen the overall skill-set and grow in their careers.

Some employers even favour to hire online learners due to the characteristics they possess. Modern day employers consider online students as self-motivated, disciplined and dedicated towards the growth of organisations.

However, employers give merit to online degrees if you have applicable work experience in the professional sector. Experience almost always winds over the educational degree requirements. Online learners can sell themselves by showing relevant work experience on their resume.

Source: bit.ly/14GeRTZ

Source: bit.ly/14GeRTZ

So, here are a few online universities courses that you can consider enrolling in:

Business Administration – Opting for an online degree in business management can help individuals build expertise and gather knowledge about financial strategies and business practices. Online business management degree holders enjoy lucrative career prospects in the corporate sector and can become a financial analyst, administrative service managers or personal financial adviser.

Human Resource Management – The human resource desk in any organisation is responsible for hiring and managing the workforce. They review employees’ performance and train them to evolve as competent workforce. HR executives are responsible for the overall growth of any organisation. The Human Resource Management course is designed to develop the understanding on workforce management and occupational psychology. With an MBA degree in HRM, you can go on becoming the senior HR executive or head of HR department in your organisation.

IT and Telecommunication – IT sector is one of the most growing sectors in the present times. If you have obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT and Telecommunication, you can easily bag entry level jobs in this sector whereas a master’s degree in IT and Telecommunication is ideal for top level designations within the organisation.

Source: bit.ly/1dm5NZX

Source: bit.ly/1dm5NZX

Similarly, there are many other online courses which students can enrol in and advance in their careers. Each of these courses is designed to hone overall skill-set of individuals and prepare competent professionals in the job market.

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Image Source : bit.ly/1398web

Online learning these days has become quite popular. According to a survey published by the Babson Survey Research Group in 2012, above 6.7 million high school pass outs were attending online courses in 2011. If you compare the data with that of 2002, when the number of online learners was only 1.6 million, e-learning system has become more efficient. (Source: http://goo.gl/7QT9Gn)


Image Source : bit.ly/13CxhQ5

Colleges and universities providing higher education constantly strive hard to improve and modernise their core courses. Only 72 percent of educational institutions were offering online courses in the year 2002. It rose to 87 percent by the year 2012. Survey mentions that almost 63 percent of the online schools now award different degrees by the distance learning mode. (Source: http://goo.gl/GrP3jZ)


Source : bit.ly/1crlhJc

Online colleges and universities have spread all over the world. They have overcome the constraints of geographical location and time in receiving education. Some of the UK universities have pioneered online learning program in the Caribbean nations. They offer different online degree in Caribbean and prioritise the overall development of learners.

Importance Of An Online Degree In Improving the Skills Of E-Learner

A degree earned from online medium is supposed to bring in lots of new skills to the online learners. Courses are framed in a way to help learners obtain numerous personal and professional skills. Take a look at how e-learning supports the development of e-learners.


Source : bit.ly/16lD7dX

Real-Time Access: Online learning is very much like live learning. Students can access real-time classes and lectures online and participate in it without aligning their schedules. Though the real-time lectures can only be accessed through the internet connection, if you do not have one, you can always procure it in compact disc or USB device.


Source : bit.ly/141O6rX

Improved Retention: With the help of multimedia and instructional design, you can gain a rich learning experience. Just practice some good activities and throw in with your feedback, the learning environment is created then and there itself. It helps the learners keep hold of course content for the repeat consultations.


Source : bit.ly/14Gw6iR

Personalised Learning: Similar to any product, learning is productive when personalised. Everybody wants to gain control over what they study. E-learning allows students to control and schedule study according to own needs and requirements.


Source : bit.ly/141P1c1

Take Failure in Stride: Failure is something that everybody has to go through at certain phase of life. Failing in your test in the classroom full of other people can be harsh for some but failing in virtual classroom lets you remain calm. You can learn from the failure and work hard to prove your merit next time. Explore and test the ideas to move on from failure.


Source : bit.ly/VdkMwd

Online education helps learners grow in all the walks of life. You can contribute substantially in the development of your nation and make it big in your career.

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