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How Online MBA Programmes Pose a Threat to US Business Schools?



Online learning poses as a threat to the traditional face-to-face mode of education. A number of mediocre business schools are on the verge of getting shut down because of the rise in the popularity of online education.

Richard Lyons, the dean of University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, has a grim prediction for business education in United States. He says, “Half of the business schools in this country could be out of business in 10 years, or five”.

Top MBA programmes will soon start offering degrees online

According to Lyons, the biggest threat is that more and more top MBA programmes will soon start offering degrees online. It is sure to put the business model of industry in danger. Most business schools make revenue through part-time and executive MBA programmes, which will in near future have to compete with top online alternatives for survival among the same population.

However, this phenomenon is more likely to have an impact over lower-ranked business schools, rather than prestigious ones like Wharton and Harvard Business School. As soon as the recognised schools get into the fray of offering online degrees, even the students from remote locations who might have gone for convenient part-time programme nearby their homes will be drawn in.

Online MBA programmes are likely to attract high-quality attendees

Part-time and online MBA programmes do not burn a hole in the pocket of students, who are made to pay dearly in terms of tuition fees at full-time programmes. As most of the part-time and online MBA programmes are designed for corporate strivers staying put near campus, such programmes can be sure of stable flow of high-quality attendees.

In many cases, it is seen that working professionals with family responsibilities or other obligations do not want to relocate to some other places for having a business degree, which can boost their career prospects. Lyons says, “Education technology has the potential to make the proximity factor go away”.



Part-time and e-MBA programmes have sticker price

Most business schools do not make public the total amount of financial aid awarded to MBAs, Lyons makes an estimate that a 25 percent discount on tuition fees is given to average full-time student at a top tier business school. On the other hand, an average student needs to pay only the sticker price at part-time and Online-MBA programmes.

Lyons says that if premier schools draw in the creamy students, part-time programmes with lesser demands may become less effective. These part-time programmes may not stay in business without an able and premium student body.

Reputed business schools are likely to offer their degrees online

While only a few reputed business schools have started offering MBA programmes online, a number of other business schools have. However, the elite business schools have now slowly started warming to online world, experimenting with non-degree online learning. Until now, online education was mostly associated with down market educational institutions, but it has mostly shed the stigma, as some of the top-tier business schools like Stanford, Wharton, and other prestigious institutions are likely to provide online degrees.

Online education is certain to change the patterns schools vie for students. With more and more traditional universities going online, for-profit MBA programmes have been dubbed as the early losers. As the big brands follow the online programmes, lower-ranked business schools may be reduced to dust in near future.

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Image Source : bit.ly/1398web

Online learning these days has become quite popular. According to a survey published by the Babson Survey Research Group in 2012, above 6.7 million high school pass outs were attending online courses in 2011. If you compare the data with that of 2002, when the number of online learners was only 1.6 million, e-learning system has become more efficient. (Source: http://goo.gl/7QT9Gn)


Image Source : bit.ly/13CxhQ5

Colleges and universities providing higher education constantly strive hard to improve and modernise their core courses. Only 72 percent of educational institutions were offering online courses in the year 2002. It rose to 87 percent by the year 2012. Survey mentions that almost 63 percent of the online schools now award different degrees by the distance learning mode. (Source: http://goo.gl/GrP3jZ)


Source : bit.ly/1crlhJc

Online colleges and universities have spread all over the world. They have overcome the constraints of geographical location and time in receiving education. Some of the UK universities have pioneered online learning program in the Caribbean nations. They offer different online degree in Caribbean and prioritise the overall development of learners.

Importance Of An Online Degree In Improving the Skills Of E-Learner

A degree earned from online medium is supposed to bring in lots of new skills to the online learners. Courses are framed in a way to help learners obtain numerous personal and professional skills. Take a look at how e-learning supports the development of e-learners.


Source : bit.ly/16lD7dX

Real-Time Access: Online learning is very much like live learning. Students can access real-time classes and lectures online and participate in it without aligning their schedules. Though the real-time lectures can only be accessed through the internet connection, if you do not have one, you can always procure it in compact disc or USB device.


Source : bit.ly/141O6rX

Improved Retention: With the help of multimedia and instructional design, you can gain a rich learning experience. Just practice some good activities and throw in with your feedback, the learning environment is created then and there itself. It helps the learners keep hold of course content for the repeat consultations.


Source : bit.ly/14Gw6iR

Personalised Learning: Similar to any product, learning is productive when personalised. Everybody wants to gain control over what they study. E-learning allows students to control and schedule study according to own needs and requirements.


Source : bit.ly/141P1c1

Take Failure in Stride: Failure is something that everybody has to go through at certain phase of life. Failing in your test in the classroom full of other people can be harsh for some but failing in virtual classroom lets you remain calm. You can learn from the failure and work hard to prove your merit next time. Explore and test the ideas to move on from failure.


Source : bit.ly/VdkMwd

Online education helps learners grow in all the walks of life. You can contribute substantially in the development of your nation and make it big in your career.

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August 1, 2013 · 10:02 am

Enrol is Accredited Online Universities for College Degrees

After we are done with school, many of us do not attend college for a degree but instead, start working. Usually students who need to work to support a living or have responsibilities do this. Also, many students who live in countries that do not support higher education because of a flawed educational infrastructure resort to employment soon after they pass out of college. Students do not give much importance to education when they start working, as they enjoy earning money, but later, when they start to stagnate in a particular post at work, while their colleagues, who are college graduates, get pay hikes and promotions, they start to realise what they have missed out on.

Online CollegeImage Courtesy: bit.ly/14lHV3E

These days, people hardly get well paying jobs if they do not have a college degree. In fact, without a college degree, all one can get are menial jobs. Once the realisation dawns upon a working professional, they can’t immediately stop going to work and start their college education because they need to earn money and in order to get a degree they have to attend class.

However, now there is a way of receiving a college degree without having to sacrifice your career. Undergraduate degrees and diplomas are now taught online. Therefore, through online distance education, one can study for a college degree that will ensure them a good lucrative job. These courses are well recognised throughout the world and well accepted by employers. Online universities are extremely convenient and courses offered by online universities are diverse. The subjects the online universities offer are interesting and these courses might not even be taught in traditional universities.

Before enrolling for an online degree course one should keep a few things in mind. Online courses require a whole lot of self discipline as you have to study on your own, independently. You have to make your own study schedule and stick to it. Studies must be done on time and just because you can study at your own pace does not mean that your curriculum can be neglected.

You must choose the subject you want to study carefully because your future depends on it. You must also choose the college carefully. Remember, the colleges have to be well known and accredited for your degree to be recognised and accepted in the job field. So, if you have decided to complete your graduation from online universities, take a lot into consideration.

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