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Relevance of STEM Education seems to be Rising High for Women

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If experts are under the impression that men outscore women in terms of earnings, they might be taken aback on knowing that the number of women earning college degrees and higher credentials is actually more than men. Reports say that over half of the population in America not only comprise women but the workforce even takes them a bit less than half.

Despite, the majority of women fail to qualify for STEM jobs which are counted among the fastest growing ones that relate to disciplines like Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s indeed a sad scenario that keeps a lot of women deprived from such bright career opportunities and this crucial matter has now been realised by experts. The current census says:

  • In the United States, 26% of the STEM employees are women
  • Accordingly, 74% of the STEM jobs now employ men

One of the biggest reasons why this has been perceived as a critical issue on a global basis is the American families’ growing reliability on women who is considered to be the primary bread earner. So, what must be done now?

STEM gender gap must be eliminated

To gradually wipe off the gender gap for STEM, fields like science and technology must be made more accessible to women. For this, the Million Women Mentors (MWM), which is a programme initiated by STEMconnector, will lead to a collaboration between non-profit organisations, corporations and government entities. Well, this will raise support and awareness among women as well as young girls in obtaining STEM education. Moreover, there have been more than 50,000 pledges already made to young women in STEM fields.

As far as today’s scenario is concerned, STEM needs to play a strong role that would not only keep it exposed to women but also to students and minorities from economically weaker communities who have always been underrepresented while making way to STEM industries.

Local schools must look for career opportunities in STEM

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What local schools must require now are grants that would keep fetching them career opportunities in STEM. In fact, this would also encourage the younger generation, especially women to look for more of these prospective careers. It will also strengthen the importance of engineering programmes and thereafter bring more and more STEM instructors to areas of high requirements. With the introduction of the STEM Gateway Act in Congress, there will be a grant programme for elementary and secondary schools and community colleges that would cater to students coming from economically as well as historically deprived backgrounds.

Now, a ray of hope is left, and that is, women should stop representing them as “the only woman” in jobs related to computer science or something equivalent. Instead, membership can do a good job by helping young women place their feet on the right track and perhaps help them later to get promoted. Rather, a strong mentor can let all those young women progress in their respective careers and hence make them fulfil their dreams.

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